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#NC3 Organic-shaped candle holder

#NC3 Organic-shaped candle holder

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These candle holders are part of our work to minimise waste. These natural shaped candle holders are shaped from pieces of timber that we are unable to use for chopping boards. Each one is unique. They are sealed using grape seed oil (the same as our chopping boards). These holders fit standard sized candles (39mm diametre), they are designed to hold 19mm high tealights so they are flush with the top, however you can put taller candles in them. Each holder comes with a set of tealight candles to fill the number of spaces in the holder. The scent is based on what we happen to be making at the time.

This item also have Lightning burning and resin in the surface.

Approx. Size: 39cm x 32cm 

Candle Scent: French Vanilla

Resin: Blue Glow in the dark

Care Instructions

  • Wipe off dust with a wet cloth. Allow to dry
  • Re-oil with grape seed or olive oil. 


  • Do not leave burning candles unattended.