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Camphor laurel chopping board care

This is the most common question we get about our chopping boards. Each of our boards comes with a card that tells you how to look after your chopping board. Here are the tips and tricks.

Care instructions

 DO NOT wash in dishwasher

CLEAN with hot soapy water and leave to dry.

REOIL when the board is dry, approximately every couple weeks if used regularly. 

CLEAN monthly by sprinkling salt and rubbing with lemon.

DO NOT leave in direct sunlight. This will warp the board.

DO NOT wash in a dishwasher.


Can I put my board in the sun to dry it?

We recommend that you minimise the amount of time your chopping boards is in direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure could cause the board to warp and go a little wobbly. If you are using it as a platter and it is in a sunny spot, make sure it is not in hot sun for more than an hour. 

Will the smell from the board go into my food?

The 'smell' is actually the natural oils of the camphor laurel timber. When a board is newly made it has a strong smell. This dissipates over time as the board ages and the natural oils evaporate. By keeping your board oiled with grapeseed or olive oil you effectively seal the board. The camphor natural oils will not taint your food if it is being used as a platter for cold foods. If you are placing hot or warm food directly on the board, you may experience some stirring up of the camphor oils. Older boards tend to not do this. 

What sort of oil should I use to reoil? 

We recommend an oil like grapeseed, as it is a thinner consistency that ensures it will soak in well and not sit on the surface. You could also you olive oil. We would not recommend oils like vegetable oil, as they are not always as effective soaking in. 

Can I use a food safe mineral oil? 

That is completely up to you. We choose grapeseed oil as it is a natural vegetable oil, where as mineral oil is a processed oil that ultimately comes from petroleum and we prefer to use sustainable products. 

Can I use my chopping board as a cheese board? 

Yes you certainly can. Use it for whatever you like. We also use our boards to serve food on and sit hot plates on. 

Do you offer engraving?

That is something we will be offering in the very near future. Keep your eye out on our blog. 

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  • Does Grapeseed Oil go rancid? I have a lot of grapeseed oil and would prefer not to buy Mineral Oil


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