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Coronavirus update - Free Delivery Australia wide until the end of May

Hello to all our fantastic customers,

We are really pleased that during this time of isolation and worry you are still supporting our small business. It's a tough time for everyone and we are all missing our handmade markets! So that you can still enjoy handmade products without having to pay postage we will continue to offer free delivery Australia wide until May 31st, and then re-evaluate. 

We have implemented new packing procedure so that you are protected against the possibilities of contamination. 

We would also like to notify you of some small prices increases that will come into effect from Monday May 18th 2020. A number of our suppliers have increased prices of the items we use to create our products. There are various reasons for this, however it means that we must make some increases. These increases will be between 25c and $2 depending on the product. This will effect our candles, melts and bath salts. We don't like to do this, however it is a necessity to keep our business profitable. 

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