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#GLB11 Lightning Burning Resin Camphor Laurel Charcuterie Board

#GLB11 Lightning Burning Resin Camphor Laurel Charcuterie Board

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This item is one camphor laurel cutting board. It is made from one complete piece of timber. It is not joined or laminated. Camphor laurel has antibacterial qualities. It is made by me.

Lightning burning (Lichtenberg) is a process that uses high voltage electricity to create the lightning branches burned into the surface of the wood. Food safe resin is placed into the lightning branches for decorative purposes. 

Each board is original, no two are exactly the same. There is only 1 of this item available.


Size: Approx 43cm x 37cm (widest) x 3.5cm

Resin: Green Resin

PLEASE NOTE: These sizes listed are the largest sizes measured on the board. The organic shapes mean that these measurements vary across the board. These measurements also effect the price, as the cost is calculated based on the amount of timber used. 

Weight: 1630g

Care Instructions:

DO NOT wash in dishwasher

CLEAN with hot soapy water and leave to dry.

REOIL when the board is dry, approximately every couple weeks if used regularly

CLEAN monthly by sprinkling salt and rubbing with lemon.

DO NOT leave in direct sunlight. This will warp the board.

DO NOT wash in a dishwasher.

AVOID heavy chopping on resin. Cutting okay.